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    Árpa Karolina

    Karolina Arpa was born in Ukraine and currently resides in Budapest. Between 2018 and 2022, she pursued her studies in painting in Venice, she was a regular attendee of the “Watercolor Venice with Katia Margolis” project.
    Her artistic style navigates the border between abstract expressionism and surrealism. Karolina experiments with reducing the use of colors, reflecting the perception of living in an era where colors seem to have faded, yet art still embodies aesthetics for her. In her current works, she focuses on the interplay of light and absence of light, placing duality at the center.
    Through dialogue within her artwork, subtle transitions, and soft tonal contrasts, Karolina strives to create a visual imprint, aiming to achieve balance between the loss of linearity in the present era and the depths of the human psyche reacting to it.
    She longs to break down the visual space into layers, reconstructing reality from increasingly translucent and ethereal elements. In her black monochrome paintings, the variation of tones serves as a metaphor for hope, signifying that even in the darkest darkness, light is present.